Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

Photo of a happy baby

Have a naming ceremony for your baby

Currently, I am not taking bookings for naming ceremonies, but I hope that the information below is useful.  Another celebrant who may be able to help you is Croianna Bradshaw (

When a baby is born, many parents want to formally welcome their new arrival.

Naming ceremonies are a great way for parents to celebrate the child coming into their lives and to make commitments to the newest member of their family.

The ceremony leaves the child free to make their own decisions about faith and belief when they are old enough to make informed choices.

The structure of a naming or welcoming ceremony is flexible. It can include promises from the baby’s parents, commitments from other significant adults, music, poetry and words about the child and the impact that he or she has had on their family.

Namings are not just for babies; ceremonies can be for sibling groups, adopted children, or to mark a change in the family unit, thus cementing the child within a new family.

Ceremonies can be held anywhere, from village halls to woodlands to private homes, wherever is significant for the family in question.

If you have any questions about Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies, please get in contact.